Gener8 solutions for your business

We have a wide range of tools that will take your business to the next level.

The solutions below are examples of how we combine our tools and services to support you. While we are not advocates of 'one-off' interventions, we do recognise that certain situations may call for one or two tools to be implemented on their own.
In other words, if one of our 12 month Programmes doesn't suit you, we're happy to work with you to identify the right solutions for your situation.

Marketing solutions

We can help you develop a marketing activity plan that fits your needs and your budget. Our 'Gener8 Marketing' tools include an audit of your existing marketing and branding efforts and are designed to help you become crystal clear on what marketing channels will work best for your office to help you save time and money.

Sales solutions

Your ability to convert a prospect to a new patient (sales) is vital to keeping your appointment book full. Once you have a new patient in front of you, 'sales' also means bringing that patient on board with a treatment plan to help them maintain optimal health for the long term. Learning how to speak to your patients in such a way that builds the relationship and their trust in your abilities is key.

Profit solutions

You likely opened your office because you were good at dentistry - not because you loved numbers. That's where we come in. We'll help you gain more comfort with the key numbers you should be in touch with in your business. Leave the number-crunching to us and get on with what you do best!

Team solutions

Unless you operate your practice alone, you depend upon the people around you to help your business thrive. Are you confident that your team members are all performing at the levels you need them to? Is every patient receiving the level of attention you originally envisioned? If your team members do not take ownership of your vision, your business could be at risk.

Leadership solutions

With Certified Leadership coaches and Certified DISC Behavioural Styles Consultants on our team, we are uniquely qualified to support our clients and their teams to shift to new levels of effective leadership and communication.

Strategy solutions

Whether you need to sort out a 'life plan' or a long-term strategy for your business, we can help. Our coaches are uniquely qualified to support you to identify where you want to be and how you plan to get there.

Peer support solutions

We utilise the Power of Many to help you succeed. The Power of Many means we pull together a like-minded group of peers from around the country (not around the block) to support each other on their journey to the next level of success in their businesses.

Health & Safety solutions

When you work with Gener8, you gain access to our hand-picked 'extended' team of experts from around the country. These people bring their unique skills and experience to bear for the benefit of our clients. From a basic Health & Safety review to supporting you to implement a full-blown plan, the 'extended team' at Gener8 have you covered!