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Helping You Make Your Mark

Let's build something truly special!

We know you've got the hang of this 'business' thing by now and are looking for next-level ideas and support to help you build a legacy that will last long after you've decided to step away from the chair. That's why we have designed our programmes to provide robust support to help you move forward at this well-established stage of your career. They include a mix of proprietary tools we have created over the past 20 years working with market leaders like yourself as well as material we are exclusively licensed to deliver as members of the international John Maxwell Team of leadership coaches. We feel a combination of regular face-to-face interaction and self-directed activity are appropriate to help you get the most from the support we can provide. 

At this stage, we'll focus on helping you leverage your financial situation to step into new opportunities.  We'll also support you to understand how to scale, realise even greater efficiencies in your office, enter new markets or introduce new services - whatever is right for your individual situation. Our programmes are designed to be the start of a healthy business relationship with Gener8 that can support you throughout the remainder of your career.  Each of our programmes is made up of a custom mix of tools that are created to support improvements in areas of your business such as marketing, profitability, client service, team efficiency and leadership.

Each programme begins with a thorough goal-identification session so that we determine, together, which areas are priorities for YOUR business. This allows us to identify which tools we will use to support you to achieve your goals. We’re big on accountability, so whatever your goals are, we’ll ensure you have a sensible action plan to follow to achieve them. You can expect a mix of live and virtual meetings with us as well as access to us anytime for questions and support.

Remember – you don’t have to do this alone. We’ll be with you every step of the way.


Gener8 Advisory

Our 'Gener8 Advisory' programme has everything you need to take your entire business to the next level of impact and success. We've included not only advanced financial support but advanced coaching and advisory tools. This programme leverages 'the power of many'by accessing other proactive dentists from around NZ to support each others' growth. We've also included on-site workshops for you and your team with a wide variety of topics available.


Your personal Gener8 Coach
Online strategy planning session with your Coach
Establishing KPIs to help you succeed
Bi-Monthly 'live' accountability meetings
Bi-monthly online accountability calls
Two on-site 1/2-day workshops for you and your team
Capacity & Process audit
Review of your Health & Safety plan
Unlimited email and phone contact as needed with your Gener8 Coach
Improvement suggestions from our Human Resource specialist
Annual accounts and GST preparation
Regular financial management reports with commentary

Gener8 Your Own

At this stage of your career, you may be interested in launching a second office, introducing new services or beginning to step away from a bit of the day-to-day to focus on other projects. Let's discuss how to pull our wide variety of services together into a custom-tailored blend that will support you to create something special that will sustain you into the future.


Your personal Gener8 Coach
Online strategy planning session with your Coach
Any combination of our tools and services. You can find them on our SOLUTIONS page
Unlimited access to your team of Gener8 coaches and specialists

Gener8 Influence

Our 'Gener8 Influence' leadership programme has everything you need to take your ability to influence to the next level of impact. We've pulled together the most robust leadership coaching programme in the country using our exclusive John Maxwell Team tools and resources.


Your personal Gener8 Leadership Coach
Online strategy planning session with your Coach to identify goals for your leadership development
Selection of proprietary and John Maxwell team tools - books, videos, templates and worksheets designed to support your learning
Monthly online coaching and accountability sessions
6-monthly 'live' sessions for the purpose of putting your learning into practice
Unlimited email and phone contact as needed with your Gener8 Leadership Coach
Your personalised DISC Leadership Style report and recommendations to support your development
Discounted admission to group leadership 'Mastermind' sessions
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Ready to launch my business
Established less than 8 years
Established more than 8 years