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Gener8 Confidence

Our 'Gener8 Confidence' leadership programme has all the basics you need to learn to enhance your effectiveness by expanding your influence. This programme has been custom-designed to help you gain confidence in your ability to influence and lead. We've pulled together our own proprietary resources and combined them with a customised blend of tools and resources from the John Maxwell leadership library .


Your personal Gener8 Leadership Coach
Online strategy planning session with your Coach to identify goals for your leadership development
A custom blend of proprietary and John Maxwell team tools - books, videos, templates and worksheets designed to support your learning
Quarterly online sessions with your Coach for the purpose of learning and clarification
Specific assignments that encourage you to put your learning into practice between sessions
Unlimited email and phone contact as needed with your Gener8 Leadership Coach
Discounted admission to our exclusive group leadership 'Mastermind' sessions


Long-term success rests on your ability to successfully influence and lead. Gener8 Confidence can  help.

Our unique Gener8 Confidence programme is designed to help you find your footing and get off to a strong start as a leader.  It is designed to get you started on your leadership journey over the course of 12 months. Your certified John Maxwell team Leadership Coach will partner with you to provide guidance and accountability through regular coaching sessions. You'll also work through customised assignments between sessions that are designed to help you put what you're learning into practice in the real world.  

What will this look like? You will kick off with a goal-setting session with your Gener8 Leadership Coach that will help you identify your natural leadership abilities as well as areas for improvement and set associated development goals. Every 90 days, you and your Coach will meet to cover off new material that will be designed to support your development and the achievement of your goals with a bit of self-study between sessions. These are great opportunities for Q&A and discussing specific scenarios that have occurred for the purpose of brainstorming productive ways to deal with them.  

You will develop a whole new level of self-awareness while gaining the confidence that will help you stand out in your field as someone teammates and patients WANT to work with.

What are the objectives of the programme?

  • Identify your individual strengths and challenges as they relate to your ability to interact with, influence and lead others
  • Develop a personalised plan to support you to learn, practice and grow
  • Structured sessions with your Coach as well as assignments between sessions
  • Accountability to ensure you're practicing what you're learning
  • Access to world class leadership course material from the John Maxwell library, facilitated by your Certified Leadership Coach

Ultimately, you will experience increased confidence in your ability to communicate with, influence and lead those around you over time. 

What's in it for me?

When you become part of the Gener8 Confidence experience, you will gain the reassurance that comes with working alongside a certified Leadership Coach who is dedicated to helping you grow. You will gain greater clarity around how you fit into 'the big picture' and how you influence everyone around you, whether or not you realise it. You'll invest regular time to step away from the ‘day-to-day’ and focus ON your abilities, which will produce life-long benefits. Not only will your Gener8 Leadership Coach be in your corner, you'll also be able to access our exclusive, nationwide 'Mastermind' groups on leadership with a team of  like-minded peers from around the country at special discounted rates. These groups are formed to support you, celebrate with you, hold you accountable, ask hard questions and provide honest feedback in the spirit of helping you move forward. Now THAT's powerful.

Gener8 Confidence includes:

  1. Planning Session upon joining via video-conference to identify your leadership strengths and areas you want to develop, with associated goals
  2. 4x (quarterly) online coaching sessions for the purpose of diving into new material in a structured way and brainstorming with your Coach
  3. Specific assignments designed to help you put your learning into practice between sessions
  4. Unlimited, exclusive access to your Coach for private support as needed via phone / email
  5. Our proprietary resources and tools combined with the best of the John Maxwell Team library – videos, templates, articles and worksheets -  to support your progress
  6. Access to our exclusive Leadership Mastermind groups at a special, discounted rate

Investment: $350 / mth 


What you can expect of Gener8:

  • 100% confidentiality
  • Bringing all resources at our disposal to the table for the benefit of your business
  • Being on-time and prepared for all meetings
  • Being available by phone or email between sessions as needed
  • A 'Can-Do' attitude

What Gener8 expects of you:

  • 100% commitment to the process
  • Maintaining your financial commitment
  • Being on-time and prepared for all meetings
  • An open-minded, positive mindset

Each of our programmes contains a blend of LEADERSHIP SOLUTIONS designed to meet that programme's objectives.


Depending upon your needs, we have solutions to fit your unique situation. Click here for more information about how we can help you.


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