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Stay compliant & save money.

Many years ago, it was common for a charity's annual accounts to be prepared by the treasurer (not always an accounting-savvy person) and if possible, the organisation had a “mate” or a “mate of a mate” prepare the financial audit because the constitution or trust deed said you needed an audit. If there was a cost, it was most likely to be a gift or thank you to the person that did the audit.

Fast-forward to the present day and, thanks to the collapse of Enron back in 2001, the rules around financial auditing are vastly different in terms of who can do them and what the accepted process is. Because many charities are still operating the same governance model as they had back in the day when “mates” helped and treasurers were whoever put their hand up,

the Charities Commission have found that very few charities have managed to be compliant with the new reporting. A recent Department of Internal Affairs audit showed that only 59% of charities are meeting their legal financial reporting requirements.

“So, what if my charity doesn’t comply with the new regulations?”, you might be thinking. “Are there consequences?” Yes…from fines to possible de-registration. Not only is the proper preparation of the financial statements an issue, those statements must also be audited or reviewed by someone trained and qualified to do so.

A common question we get is whether an organisation’s financial statements need to be looked at and if so, which level of overview is needed - an audit or a review?

If your total operating expenditure for each of the previous two accounting periods was:

A) over $500,000 (medium) – your financial statements must be either audited or reviewed by a Qualified Auditor

B) over $1 million (large) – your financial statements must be audited by a Qualified Auditor

If the answer to the above two questions is ‘No’ for your charity, then you refer to your own rules, which will either be a constitution or a trust deed.

If you answered 'yes' to A) above, we can help because we specialise in financial reviewing rather than auditing. AND because of this we may even be able to save you some precious cash in the process.



Gener8 Financial Reviews

Our 'Gener8 Financial Reviews' programme has everything you need to ensure that your financial accounts are up to scratch and compliant with current Charities Commission requirements


Dedicated Gener8 Reviewing Solutions Qualified Auditor
Initial meeting to identify what's needed to complete your review
Review of your financial statements
Professional analysis of your situation from a holistic viewpoint
Report highlighting any financial and system weaknesses
Suggestions for improvement
Unlimited email and phone contact as needed with your Auditor/Reviewer
Access to the wider group of Gener8 experts


It's time to get sorted with Gener8 Financial Reviews.

Gener8 Financial Review might be just the ticket to ensure you're meeting your obligations under the Charities Commission guidelines. Your dedicated Gener8 Reviewing Services Auditor/Reviewer will partner with you to evaluate your unique situation to determine whether a review is appropriate for your organisation.

If a Review is in order, our team of experts will guide you through the process one step at a time. We prefer to complete holistic Reviews - meaning we support you by taking a bit of a 'helicopter' view of your organisation. We will point out relevant areas of weakness not only in your financials but in other areas of your organisation as we identify them. We won't leave you hanging - we'll provide suggestions for improvement and even connect you with other professionals who can support you to shore up those areas where desired.

Our aim is to form a long-term relationship with our clients and really get to understand their organisation on a deeper level. THAT is part of what sets us apart from your typical Reviewer. For years we have donated our personal time, money and resources to many local charities all over our region, so we understand the vital importance of stretching every dollar.

We want our clients to thrive so that they can have a massive impact on their communities, and on the world we share.


What you can expect of Gener8 Reviewing Solutions:

  • 100% confidentiality
  • Bringing all resources at our disposal to the table for the benefit of your organisation
  • Being on-time and prepared for all meetings
  • Being available by phone or email between sessions as needed

What Gener8 Reviewing Solutions expects of you:

  • 100% commitment to the process
  • Maintaining your financial commitment
  • Being on-time and prepared for all meetings



Depending upon your needs, we have solutions to fit your unique situation. Click here for more information about how we can help you.


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