Why Gener8 Reviewing Solutions?

We are Gener8 Reviewing Solutions. It came to our attention after supporting numerous charitable organisations in our own community that most charities often struggle to find enough funds to continue to operate effectively.

Did you know there are  roughly 27,000 charities currently registered in NZ? With that much “competition” for both donations and government funding, what charity has spare cash? 

This realisation led us to develop our Financial Reviewing service, and our team are Qualified specialists at helping NZ charities not only remain financially compliant but save money in the process.

Alongside our Financial Reviewing service, we also recognised the need for an affordable AML-CFT Audit service. AML-CFT is the set of  laws governing how large financial institutions ensure they have processes in place for minimising the potential for money laundering. However, many small to medium service businesses such as accountants, lawyers, bookkeepers, conveyancers and  real estate agents must ALSO comply with this law and be audited on a regular basis. 

We deliver our financial review and AML audit services utilising best-in-class tools combined with sensible insights delivered in an easy-to-understand manner. Ultimately, our mission is to support our clients to remain compliant and save money so that they can make a difference in their communities and to the world we share.

Gener8 Reviewing Solutions are big enough to have specialised knowledge, yet small enough to save you money.

Our Qualified providers help you sleep at night by supporting you to understand and remain compliant with current laws.

We can save you money on your compulsory AML Audits and by helping you weigh up whether you really need a full Financial Audit or a lower-cost Financial Review.

We live where you live. We donate our time and money to local charities and we are SME service professionals ourselves. So, we understand the benefits of ensuring our compliance is looked after by people we trust.

Gener8 can support you in several ways:

1. What Life Cycle Stage are you in?
From Uni through to retirement, we're here for you.

2. What area of your business do you need or want to improve?
Our support is targeted to get you results.

3. How do you like to learn?
Our 'Programmes' are robust and designed to support a great working relationship for the longer term; while our 'Solutions' are short, punchy interventions.


Depending upon your needs, we have solutions to fit your unique situation. Click here for more information about our Solutions

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